EP Masterclasses - Multimedia Diploma - Orchestral Dept.

Europa Philharmonia -  EP Masterclasses - Multimedia Diploma -  Orchestral Studies Department - Residencies Vienna -  Budapest and Bucharest.

The music labour market is constantly evolving. Skills, competences, and qualifications in the new multimedia technologies that musicians need change over time. To deal with these changes musicians need to be equipped with a variety of new basic skills which are currently not part of the music traditional education system.

The Europa Philharmonia’s Multimedia Diploma – Orchestra Department is the first and sole program available designed to offer an intensive one-summer fellowship that focuses solely on the practical skills necessary to prepare for new multimedia recording technologies. Coursework includes weekly excerpt classes, masterclasses, and the opportunity to rehearse and perform alongside members of the Europa Philharmonia. Completion of 1 curriculum session will result in the EP Multimedia Diploma – Orchestra Department and special eligibility for 3 consecutive sessions will result in the Academy Prize in recognition of one musician who demonstrates outstanding artistry.

850 (EUR) Per Sumer/Session.
Extraordinary applications for Research Grants and Study Scholarships will be studied on a case-by-case basis. 

Application Checklist:
NB: You need to be above 21 years of age when you apply for the EP Multimedia Orchestral Studies. Exceptional admittance will be studied on a case-by-case basis.
All applicants must send to: europaphilharmonia[@]gmail.com
Cover letter - inlcuding a complete CV/resume including: date of birth - permanent address and a recent head shot.
Recent recording or a recent video link on YouTube or Vimeo of two contrasting excerpts and a concerto exposition.

We strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible to  EP Masterclasses - Multimedia Diploma, as there is limited space in the program. We admit applicants to the program on a rolling basis.


Detailed Curriculum:

-- Academy Fellows meet almost weekly with their faculty instructor focusing solely on new multimedia technics required at orchestra recordings and concerts. Academy Fellows are assigned a primary and sometimes a secondary faculty instructor.

---Weekly classroom sessions over the course of the curriculum period consist mostly of excerpt classes under the guidance of faculty and guest artists. Academy Fellows are required to play at excerpt classes, which explore the appropriate technique and style necessary to achieve the musical goals of key multimedia approaches. These sessions may include but not be limited to special guests, readings, sectionals, and rehearsals. They may also consist of the below described Masterclasses.

--- Academy Fellows should attend and perform in all masterclasses with other renowned orchestral pedagogues over the course of the curriculum period. While Academy Instructors offer certain views of orchestral material, it is also important for Academy Fellows to study other approaches to the same literature. As masterclass pedagogues come from a variety of musical backgrounds, Academy Fellows are exposed to other schools of thought challenging preconceived notions and facilitating musical individuality.

--- The Europa Philharmonia’s Multimedia Diploma – Orchestra Department is the only available program that focus solely on orchestral multimedia development. The Europa Philharmonia’s Multimedia Diploma – Orchestra Department something earned; therefore, the studio sessions serve as juries in evaluating the progress of each fellow. Studio and performance work are held throughout the session and are overseen by the Orchestra Department, Music Director.

---In the tradition of the “Studio Experience”, selected Academy Fellows are required to perform in recordings alongside members of the Europa Philharmonia as trainees over the course of true recording sessions. These sessions will require rehearsals toward the end of some weeks and can culminate in concerts or tours. 

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