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Europa Philharmonia Orchestra and Choir

When Maximianno Cobra founded the Europa Philharmonia Choir and Orchestra in 1999, his idea was to create an ensemble which could make recordings using all the new possibilities of 21st century audiovisual technology. The Orchestra takes much pride in bringing together an elite of orchestra musicians and choir singers in Europe. Thanks to its long-term, elaborate artistic policy, Europa Philharmonia is also able to promote young instrumentalists and singers within an international environment of the highest standard.

In 2007 Maximianno Cobra decided to found a Opera Company - Europa Lirica - attached to the Europa Philharmonia Orchestra and Choir project thus providing the unique oportunity to Opera singers to enter into the 21st century audiovisual technology as well as to evolve their singing skills approaching the Stanislavski's system of Aating in a fully adapted conception for Opera and Lieder in conjunction with a pioneering study of prosody of our Artisct Director which gives to the study of linguistics the essential part in the singing process.

The choice of the name EUROPA conveys our deepest aspirations, i.e. a full understanding of the wide range of our European cultural heritage, and an attempt to show that its variety is rooted in a same universal ideal : mankind.

Among the many reasons which prompted HODIE™ and TEMPUS Collection to back Maximianno Cobra’s project, the major one was his multidisciplinary approach to make classical music easily accessible to a larger audience.

Since its first production in 1999, the Orchestra has made use of the latest and finest audiovisual technology, specially conceived and designed for new digital media projects.

Concert Sponsorship

Sponsorship of a concert at any of our residencies offers a major opportunity for high levels of visibility alongside a hospitality package designed for corporate entertaining of the highest level.

Major Partnerships

A range of opportunities and bespoke partnerships working with the Europa Philharmonia Orchestra across its entire artistic program internationally.  Our multi-disciplinary projects are award-winning; our touring programs receive international acclaim; we are a pioneer in the use of digital technologies.

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Manager: Daniel Warren
Management Territory: Worldwide

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Maximianno Cobra

Maximianno Cobra

Music Director

Maximianno Cobra was born in Rio de Janeiro and studied at the Vienna Academy of Music - Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien. In January 1999 he became Music Director of the Europa Philharmonia where he leads regular recordings and world tours.

TEMPUS Collection

TEMPUS Collection

Multimedia recording Label

TEMPUS Collection and Quintessence audio staff conceived a multi-microphone HD sound-recording system on a 96 channel-console for both multi-microphone direct recording entirely subject to the latest audio technology and beyond all standards.

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